Stakeholder Chain Map Intelligent Platform (SCMIP)

The landscape of mobility innovation is characterised by fragmentation and lack of synergies between various stakeholders and actors. Existing mobility networks, initiatives and clusters are restricted to the geographical borders of one country or region while those that have moved to the “super-clusters” are dormant lately. INNO-MOB aims to re-mobilise the existing ‘super clusters’, enlarge the participation of more diverse actors and create interconnected innovation networks on mobility: Mobility Innovation Network (MIN). To support this, a specific platform labelled Stakeholder Chain Map Intelligent Platform (SCMIP) will be developed. It will facilitate mobility innovation networks, with a focus on leveraging the inclusiveness of SMEs. The platform will bring together regional and national strategies and clusters, creating Pan-European clusters of diverse regions where stakeholders can identify opportunities for collaboration.

SCIMP will be a landing place for different types of data related to the various stakeholders (SMEs, investors, universities, government and others), which could be involved in collaborative activities within innovation eco-systems, in order to scale up the innovation mobility networks in Europe.