Unlocking the potential of the Mobility Innovation Ecosystems and Networks
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INNO-MOB is a two-year EU-funded project focusing on the opportunities that initiatives & networks offer to innovative and dynamic businesses through an inclusive mobility innovation European ecosystem business support framework.

The emerging sustainable mobility market will be used as the vehicle to examine the opportunities provided and develop mechanisms to support the deployment potential of companies in bringing innovations to the market quickly. The project will use the services offered by the seven partner institutions but also through an enlarged network of initiatives and clusters run in the respective countries.





Feb 01 2023
Jan 31 2025


Mobility Innovation Network (MIN)

INNO-MOB will deliver a Mobility Innovation Network ( MIN) platform that will incorporate a Stakeholder Chain Map Intelligent Platform function that will provide a holistic picture of the networks, initiatives and their offer. A search engine, offer-demand /marketplace space and communication exchange forum will be incorporated too. The initiatives and networks will be able to offer their services through the platform with the aim to create more inclusive and diverse mobility ecosystems.